Routing corner splines on a woodworking project with a jig

Posted By on January 29, 2023

CornholeProjectVise230128Instead of painting the entire woodworking project that is currently underway in the workshop, I want at least to be able to naturally lacquer finish the frames of the Cornhole game. Partially it is to show off the miters and walnut splines in the frame corners and partially because I didn’t want to use any fasteners that could rust (unfortunately each corner has one brass screw to help with alignment). Still the 1/4” splines will do a great job in adding strength even though I used clear pine to reduce the weight (a couple “little” girls will hopefully be using these)? 

To help with the spline positioning, I made a jig that would clamp to each corner and repeat the exact same cut with my Makita router and 1/4” spiral bit. After a little experimented with scrap, it worked perfect. I cut walnut splines on the bandsaw sled (below) and new 45 degree miter gauge and used my portable belt sander to sand each spline flush. 


SplineRouterJif cutting230128 JigRouterCornerSplines230128

I’m so glad to have figured out the hole cutting and was thankful I had waterproof Titebond 3 glue and some stainless steel brads. 

CornholeCornerSplinesRough230128 CornholeCornerSplinesSanded230128


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