Archive: Once upon a time, I owned a Bobcat 743 #TBT

Posted By on December 5, 2019

While searching for a photo of an accident when a helicopter landed in our backyard, I ran across a photo of one of the “tools” I miss the most: a Bobcat 743 purchased RichCBobcat743_2007when we built our house back in 1995-96. I did the same thing with a more powerful tractor besides our John Deere 330 lawn mower when we moved from Aurora to Hudson, Ohio, but instead of a skid steer, it was an old Ford 800 series front end loader with a PTO-driven Woods finish mower on the rear.

We kept the Bobcat for a variety of projects, including snow removal and with forks as a poor man’s warehouse forklift when Brenda helped start the first online Internet Pharmacy fulfillment facility here in West Chester, Ohio (originally which eventually became Fun times … and also miss our Tootsie  (photos in her energetic Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler days).


Who knew cats and rats could be such good friends?

Posted By on December 4, 2019

This is when you know you need a mouse or RatZapper

Updates: Mudroom painting, steps treads and a coffee warmer

Posted By on December 3, 2019


The more time I spend in the basement workshop, the more I enjoy having my coffee with me and “warm.” Usually I just use an insulated stainless steel coffee container, MudroomSelfieNewPaint191129but lately I’ve gone back to a ceramic cup so it can easily go into the microwave for warming. When sidetracked by projects or working in the shop, I often forget my coffee for 20 or 30 minutes and it is only lukewarm or cold. So after bringing the parts back from a potpourri-warmer that broke, I fitting them into a ceramic flower pot bottom and it now perfectly keeps my cup-of-joe piping hot.

BUT, real updates and maintenance items still needed to be done. Before Thanksgiving, Brenda wanted the mudroom bench and garage entry stairs cleaned up and looking fresh. They were long overdue for a coat of while gloss ,so I sanded and repainted with “porch floor paint” which seems to hold up well on high traffic areas. The seat still are too easily scratched and scuffed as are the garage stairs so maybe a seat cushion is on the project list? As for those garage entry stairs, I replaced the vinyl treads with inexpensive bound-edge carpet treads … very nice … especially held in place with a couple nylon snap-clips which hold firm but snap off so both the carpet treads and painted steps can be cleaned. 

MudroomPaintPrep191129 GaragePaintTrends191201

Archiving: Our Corbett Family Thanksgiving photo for 2019

Posted By on December 2, 2019

Thanksgiving dinner with the Corbett, Oostra and Ankrom familes (click for high res)

It is nice to have a few holiday rituals and for us, it is a Thanksgiving family feast with my brother and his family. Brenda, in particular, has now fully taken over the setting of a nice decorative table with all the trimmings (MomC always loved) … and she includes a few of the MomH side touches too (as well as several of her own!) — Thanks for the tradition moms! (and apple pie Claire!)


Besides the great food, we enjoyed our time together. Ron and I “try” to get the families together a couple times each year, but as each family grows, it gets more challenging (Katelyn is due in February and Keira in June).


This year it was also nice to have Taylor’s girlfriend Megan with us … and then again with her parents on Saturday for the Ohio State vs Michigan game football game (there are no bigger fans!)


Sunday Filler since the long weekend has been busy with family

Posted By on December 1, 2019

Likely too busy to post something … but this is mesmerizing (I wish I had this kind of TIG welding skill!)


Archive: A couple great Ohio State Buckeye filler photos

Posted By on November 30, 2019

MeganTaylorOhioStateBuckeyeFans191123Annalyn_OhioStateBuckeyeFan191123With another outstanding year for Ohio State University football fans (currently undefeated for 2019), the #2 national ranking has brought out the Buckeye spirit in our family of fans. Megan is from an all Ohio State family and a graduate herself. Taylor (Miami University, OH) has always enjoyed OSU Football and is happy to cheer along. Katelyn (Nationwide Children’s Hospital) and Drew (Ohio State University Medical Center) were both in Columbus for their medical residencies … so of course have no problem being fans … and I’ve been a Buckeye resident my entire life and grew up on Woody Hayes football coaching and have no problem cheering on my home state Big Ten team (although graduate from Ohio Northern and Miami University). We’ll have to see where Annalyn decides to go … but she off to a good start!

Associated Press College Football Rankings – 11/24/2019


Record in the B10 East (below)


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