Finding yourself distracted while driving?

Posted By on August 18, 2012

20120818-093120.jpgIt seems like I’m driving a bit more than usual this summer and am working to pay more attention to the road than to my gadgets inside a the car. This is not to say I’ve been a terrible driver, but I certainly have been prone to using technology way more than is safe. Driving smarter doesn’t mean I don’t glance or tinker with a GPS address or even snap a photo (yesterday), but I am putting an effort into not using some features on my phone as often and am delaying adding that important note to my “to do list.” Phone calls and conversations, well I’m not as convinced yet that an attentive driver talking on the phone is as distracted as someone reading and sending text messages and emails … so I’m not ready to give that up.

If you need a little reinforcement, take a look at what happened to this Corvette in Bend, Oregon … “they found his cellphone still in his hand and his head in the back seat” as the FB caption goes.


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  1. lacking in consistency, constancy, or visible order, disconnected; fitful: desultory conversation.
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