The iPad2: One of the best tech purchases I’ve ever made

Posted By on March 27, 2014

ipad2reader140322Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of my purchasing a second-hand iPad 2, shortly after playing with my friend’s new iPad 3 (that device has been out over 2 years, not sure about my iPad2 … 4 years?). I can’t believe how much I use this tech gadget — everything from email to web surfing … and just plain eBook or magazine reading. The relatively snappy speed, variety of apps and ease of use has made it my favorite go-to device for quick information and to use while traveling. I’ve yet to meet a dissatisfied buyer.

The Kensington keyboard and case is well worn and even though I carry my entire old Dell leather bag, and hefty older upgraded Gateway laptop, I usually can get by with just the iPhone and iPad when traveling. Maybe I should have activated the Verizon connection since it is in my device, but frankly find plenty of wifi hotspots and carry my Freedompop wireless puck when I really need to connect. If there is anyone on the fence, don’t be … buying an iPad is an easy call.


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