Evaluating the Fitbit Versa – three month in and a little #TBT

Posted By on October 10, 2019

Previously I mentioned that Katelyn and Drew brought me kicking and screaming (not really) into the Fitbit “wrist device” wearing age and world. 70d3cd4367765cdcab0ff256acb7a54b67a406d86fcddb9f63cc45773b49651ctoolbag-07I had given up wearing a watch decades ago when I started carrying a pager. Eventually I adopted the Nextel belt holstered cellphone, then pocket folding Samsung i500 PDA phone. The new century brought a more functional PalmPre_RichC090929keyboarded PDA cellphone Samsung_i500_foldingPDAcellphone in the form of the Palm Treo and finally a more modern PalmPre followed by the iPhone (my Apple life).

I was hesitant to return to a “wrist device,” but it has been much more positive experience than I expected …especially with the encouraging me to exercise thing.


Ever since I started to wear the Fitbit Versa in July 2019, I have found myself paying more attention to portion control when eating, exercise (number of steps) and trying to monitor and control my weight – something I rarely ever did.  I’ve really never been “out of control” in that regard and tend to naturally focus on balanced meals and “somewhat” healthy eating … but wearing the Fitbit does focus me on long term trends when it comes to a healthier lifestyle and changes that I can make to activity and eating.

In fact … in looking back (the Throwback Thursday #TBT tie-in), there really has been a “10 pounds” trend throughout my life:

In my 20-30s I went from 175-185. In my 40s-50s about 185 to 195. Now that I have hit that 60 … I don’t think it  would be wise to add yet another 10 pounds … in fact losing 10 is a good goal. Personally, at just over 6 foot tall and normal frame build, I feel the healthiest at around 185 pounds … so have made it my short term goal. So far, so good; the trend is good (Fitbit graph above) Now to stay physically active and maintain my steady pace as the days get shorter and weather cools – I just need a few more pounds! Hopefully I’ll hit my goal by December 31, 2019 … hold me accountable!

My current iPhone7plus running the Fitbit app


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