There are safer ways to use a ladder

Posted By on January 12, 2020

Being young, and someone who looked to be vying to be listed in this year’s Darwin Award, had me telling this worker, on a questionable set ladder, that he may not be AnAccidentWaitingToHappen200108as invincible to injury as he thinks? (he said to me, “oh, I’ve done this before”) 


We noticed a bit of water seeping between the new gutters on our house and the aluminum facia trim, so I called Gutter Shutter who has been excellent in responding to me when it came to servicing the minor repair we needed on our new gutters (for the cost, they should). Their service guy stopped out this week to add a strip of additional drip edge … but set up his ladder a bit precariously. Having had a few “ladder accidents” in our family (father-in-law, brother-in-law  and my wife, but thankfully not Taylor), I’m a bit more sensitive to ladder accidents that look like they are waiting to happen.

Thankfully all was well, but still think there was a better way to stabilize this than a couple rocks under two for the legs? Safety First, please.


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