Amazon delivery issues, but their chat-bot seems efficient

Posted By on June 16, 2020

AmazonYourPackageMayBeLostLike a lot of people during COVID19, we have gravitated even more to Amazon and online ordering for our “stuff.” We have not ordered groceries online yet, but are definitely doing more online shopping than ever before.

I mentioned having issues with Amazon a few times before (1, 2, 3) during stay-at-home orders and find myself selecting Amazon even when the price is a few bucks higher … THINKING they are more dependable. Who knows if they can monitor their vendors and seller now that they are so large?  Once upon a time, deliveries with PRIME shipping was impressive and pretty consistent. Unfortunately just when depending on something, as I was with a fuel pump, they let me down.

This time it was a couple kitchen items  from the grocery list. I noticed were out of kitchen trash bags and down to the last few dishwasher detergent pucks. So while placing my grill order, added a few other items to the cart on 6/4. Two days seemed reasonable and the price wasn’t really all that much higher than our local grocery store.


Unfortunately the order did not arrive and still has not … as of the 15th (11 days is not 2 days). We’re now out of garbage bags, so Brenda bought them at the grocery store which was cheaper than online anyway. I’ll then pull up the Amazon app and clicked the cancel button – nope, can’t do that (see above email). Now the frustrating “on hold or call-you-back phone call” or maybe 5-10 minute chat with a rep?

But before that, Amazon wants to try and automate with a chat-bot … so let’s see how it works (below)? Still no refund but it looks like it “may” now process my request – something tells me the order is lost again? (I’ll bet Alexa will be doing this before too long?)



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