Sticking with what I know: Bought my 4th pair of Vasque boots

Posted By on March 24, 2021

The more I think about it, the “lamer” it appears to be talking about shoes … but truth be told, the Sperry Topsider reviews and shoe insole posts still are in the top ten when it comes to blog numbers.

I’m posting a photo of my newly arrived clearance priced Vasque hiking boots and previous ones … as this will be my 4th pair of Vasque boots. The first pair were light-duty summer weight and lasted quite a few years of hiking with my buddy Jeffuntil I started using them for work boots. OldNewVasqueHikingBoots2103I upgraded to a full leather pair which seemed to take forever to break in, but held up for years until the rubber sole split loose from the leather (poor design since they could not be re-stitched like older full leather hiking boots).

The 3rd pair (current) were end of the season clearance boots and have held up well (photo), but definitely have not been used for hiking like the other two. They are probably still my favorites even though they are insulated (but I still wear all year around). Unfortunately they are starting to crack a bit and suspect they need to be replace before doing an hiking.

Speaking of “going hiking,” the kids are discussing a trip to the Canadian Rockies in 2022 … and if Brenda can get her back surgery out of the way and rehabbed, we hope to be able to visit a few of the places we visited when we were their age … or younger … although in 1989 (below), I didn’t pack my hiking boots!


So I bought a new pair of Vasque GTX insulated boots from REI on clearance in hopes that I can break them in and that they will replace my existing ones as “favorites.” Time will tell.



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