My road warrior days and remembering 1960s bowling alleys

Posted By on May 19, 2022

Posting a couple of memory photos as a Throwback Thursday #TBT filler post after a conversation with 2003VWJettTDIsetup070828 friends last week. One had to do with text messaging, “distracted driving” and remembering my road warrior days of driving back and forth from Cincinnati and NE Ohio while trying to remain connected and productive. Thankfully all ended up fine, but I had a questionable habit of making my office first in our Chrysler Town and Country minivan, then in my Volkswagen Jetta TDI (with Palm Treo and Pre phones) and eventually with a mounted iPad in our 2006 Honda Pilot (sold in 2019).


As for the “1960’s bowling alleys” part … I remember going bowling with my parents and cigarettes being sold in a vending machines to whoever had the 50-cents and could pulled the lever (although recall there was a “minimum age” sign posted on the dispenser to “prevent” underage purchases – “wink, wink”). We lived in a much more self regulated and parent disciplined society back “in the day” … and I doubt Big Government’s heavy hand and regulating has made us any better?



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