Belated Obituary: David George Schneider (1952 – 2022)

Posted By on November 5, 2022

DaveSchneider_July2022The sharing of this obituary news is a month late in coming … partially due to the sudden shock … and partially due to not having the right words to share on my blog … but a friend of our family and Megan’s father, Dave Schneider, passed away on October 5, 2022.

He was one of the most enjoyable guys to be around and the two of us shared several interests … be it cars, MGBs, Jimmy Buffett music (2022 summer concert with his daugher), Megan and Taylor dating (I should have listed first), Ohio State football or love for our families. The topics we didn’t have in common, were equally as interesting to both of us (I was intrigued by his lifetime coaching football). My biggest regret was not getting to know him years earlier when Katelyn and Megan were competitively figure skating (although there were a few years between them). DaveMeganTaylorOSU221001Still, we “dads” were often tasked with early morning trips to the skating rink as we sleeplessly waited for our daughters to finish practicing before taking them to school. I usually sat bundled up at a table and chatted with a couple other fathers; I never really did get to know Dave either at the home rink or traveling to competitions. Now that Taylor and Megan are a couple, I realized they likely regularly bumped into each other when I would drag Taylor along early on Friday mornings so we could practice for his spelling tests each week. I don’t recall either Megan or Taylor even glancing at each other back then – but I could be wrong? In any case, it took a long time for them to get together (photo right was an OSU game on September 28th shortly before his passing).

Thankfully in the past few years, our families did get together. Usually it was around a function … showers, weddings, Taylor’s and Megan’s birthdays or watching an Ohio State vs Michigan game on TV.

Dave was young at heart, obviously enjoyed working with young people and his lifetime passion for football. He was seemingly healthy and was way too young to pass away;he  was just a few days shy of his 70th birthday. One can’t help, but look at our limited number of days just a little be closer and rethink our (my) focus on appreciating the time with those we love. Thankfully for Dave, his wife Dennie and their daughter Megan … they were already doing that. He will be forever missed.



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