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Posted By on July 1, 2023

Creative Outdoor Shower IdeaBefore I archive clipped workshop tips and ideas to a computer folder (saved in a place I will never look again => #humor), ideas that I’ve snipped from a variety of library borrowed woodworking magazines, I’m going to save them to my blog.

Router Subbase for panels

If I were sharing and posting correctly, I would footnote or at least credit the source, but alas I’m not that ambious or efficient enough. So for my own reminder, here are a few tidbits in no particular order.

  1. A router “sub-base to groove at detail in a cabinet door panel
  2. An interesting outdoor shower (no need for one, but I like it)
  3. Workbench groove to catch small rolling items (this would be nice)
  4. Micro adjustments using a screw for stop cuts after clamping stop (use them in throat plates for micro-adjustments)
  5. Router table two-sided fence idea for clamping with vacuum hose port
  6. Router table crosscut sled with clamp (not unlike the Rockler one, but a bit simpler to the one for my tablesaw and bandsaw)
  7. Walrus Oil for cutting boards that I recently mentioned to Katelyn

Workbench groove for small rolly things Bandsaw micro adjustment stop

Router Fence w Vacuum port Router Miter Sled idea

… and no, it doesn’t come from Waluses (cutting board oil tidbit below). 😊

Walrus Cutting board oil (and waxes)


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