Emergency cooking on toilet paper and alcohol can stove

Posted By on December 28, 2014

cookingontoiletpaperstoveOn a previous sailboat and in my backpacking gear I use an alcohol stove for cooking, but the other day I saw a video clip expanding an idea for emergency or “bugout bag” use. (video below)

The concept is pretty simple: Use a roll or partial roll of toilet paper as a wick to absorb the isopropyl alcohol which is rolled up in a can. Light the “wick” and it will burn for quite some time providing both heat in an emergency and ability to boil water or a can of food. Dead simple and a pretty clean flame.

If you have an emergency bag, add some alcohol (good for first aid too) and a couple cans of your favorite soups or stews. I think I ‘ll add a can of coffee to mine!
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