Spoiled with better coffee after our trip to visit Katelyn and Drew

Posted By on September 22, 2016

First off, I am not a snob when it comes to coffee. I have my likes (and quirks) when it comes to coffee, but drink all coffees … even the cheapest DunkinDonutsHazelnutCoffeeboiled campfire coffee will do. That noted … I do enjoy a few of the specialty roasts like the Jamaica Blue Mountain and Kona bean coffees, but the price usually keeps me away. A decade or so ago I also developed a taste for a local Coffee Beans & Brew establishment as well as Caribou Coffee likely because I regularly met a friend or was killing time there waiting for my son to get off work at the Vietnamese restaurant next door — pre-driver’s license (now all are closed in our area). I regularly drive-thru and pick up McDonald’s basic coffee on my way to northeast Ohio or mostly make my daily Chock Full o’Nuts coffee in my one cup brewer. Whatever way you slice it … I’m  addicted to coffee.

BUT … on our recent visit to Wayzata, Minnesota (see posts one, two and three) to visit my daughter, husband and "baby in womb," they perked up my taste buds to flavored coffee. So I added the Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut coffee to our grocery list  — I’m going to blame Katelyn and Drew for this extravagant splurge (although I’m currently only adding a half-tablespoon to my cheapo grounds!)


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